What are you afraid of?

Starting? Because once I start, I’ll finish, and everything will be ok. Sounds weird, huh? Well, I am weird so we’re on track. It’s like I’m addicted to survival mode, stress, and worry. But they’ve overstayed their welcome. They’ve overstayed their presence in my reality. When you become conscious, you get this blank slate essentially. The energy of realizing, “Oh wow, it doesn’t have to

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She Believed She Could So She Did

But She Didn’t Expect This “Transitioning from one phase of life to another is sometimes scary–see the trees? They lose it all before blooming.” I feel as though I have just lost everything, well everything in this material world. It’s like the universe just created an entire space for me to begin anew. Once I started to follow astrological transits it made it a lot

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Misery Loves Company

“What do you do when company does not reciprocate? “ A lesson I recently began to understand as I realized I had entered into my learning phase of the heart chakra. Anahata is the heart chakra in Sanskrit. Anahata holds a person’s compassion, love, forgiveness and empathy. It is the energy vortex that shows us how to love, how we love and how we want

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