What are you afraid of?


Because once I start, I’ll finish, and everything will be ok. Sounds weird, huh? Well, I am weird so we’re on track.

It’s like I’m addicted to survival mode, stress, and worry. But they’ve overstayed their welcome. They’ve overstayed their presence in my reality. When you become conscious, you get this blank slate essentially. The energy of realizing, “Oh wow, it doesn’t have to be this way! I have full control.”

My journey has the theme of faith; that’s my name. Yemane Arieon Williams, the faith is Yemane and that’s Ethiopian. My mom always reminds me when I feel down to “Just remember your name!” At this stage, I want to welcome peace and receive courage, perseverance, passion, faith, and creativity. I’ve been given this blank space in life where I get to decide, and it’s so important to me to only allow certain energies into my sacred space.

It’s tough honestly choosing yourself, but when you continue, it’s alchemy turning one emotion to another through persistent mind work and aligned action. I recently messed up and didn’t take full responsibility for my life. Sometimes you have to look at your current situation and understand why you’re there, it’s always going to be an opportunity for you to choose yourself, and sometimes it might feel uncomfortable. That’s the alchemy. Pushing through with that fear turns it into courage, and it only becomes stronger the more you do it. That is the same for trusting yourself, for having faith in the self. And many other things.

To untangle what you’ve been told and walk by faith and not by sight takes training. It’s not always pretty, and it’s going to the deep end willingly. All the naysayers might try to get it to you, but you must remind yourself that it’s all a mind game. It is a matter of what you doing at that moment that decides what happens next. Your reaction to the external has to match your will, your courage, and your intention of who you are. Your faith and desire must be so strong they must outweigh what you say, hear and sometimes speak over your life.

Hear no evil speak no evil see no evil comes to mind.

It’s all within and what’s outside will only be a testament of how strong you are in your belief.

1 thought on “What are you afraid of?

  1. Bianka says:

    This truly touched me. I’ve been a fan of yours for a few months now Yemane and I must say that my life has been transforming. It’s one of those things.. I set the intention to get into alignment with what I desire to experience. And here I am. Thank you for your work. May you be increased for your dedication. Much love, Bianka.


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