Misery Loves Company

“What do you do when company does not reciprocate? “

A lesson I recently began to understand as I realized I had entered into my learning phase of the heart chakra.

Anahata is the heart chakra in Sanskrit. Anahata holds a person’s compassion, love, forgiveness and empathy. It is the energy vortex that shows us how to love, how we love and how we want to be loved.

How can the heart chakra help you externally when you don’t fully understand it internally?

This is a lesson on trusting the heart.

I don’t know all the details I’m still learning of course. One of the levels of logical change in Robert Dilts’ model is “Environment” and in a way I like to think of that as a way to describe the “Company”. Environment includes your surrounding physically and the people around you, the music you listen to etc.

Company can be any of that, something that provides enjoyment, a presence, a partnership.

I remember when I was in a relationship towards the end knowing it was coming to an end. You’re faced with a decision, you have the facts now what do you do. In that moment you don’t want to let go of that environment, what you’re comfortable with. However, it brings a certain level of misery to yourself because you aren’t moving towards your heart’s truest desires.

That’s what the heart chakra sheds light on.

What do you do though when company no longer reciprocates?

When that comfortable misery no longer is the glue that holds you down to a situation you know has passed its expiration date? I am being vulnerable here because that’s how I follow my passion. By showing you that I lived through experiences and might have felt the same way.

Going through that was necessary to truly understand it. The way of growth is to truly grasp something and why it happened. It’s like the “Show Your Work” part in a math problem. Did you go through the process yourself to truly appreciate the solution, the result?

Lately, a couple of friends of mine have been going through similar situations. It’s weird sometimes to see me in them. So easily I see the answer but there’s no point, they have to go through the experience just as I did to understand. The lesson came through me being upset that they didn’t see it. Why would they continue to be in misery when they could just listen to themselves. To me it may look like misery but to them it is a journey they have to trek. I had to learn that people had to learn it on their own or it won’t mean anything.

You can lead a horse to water but you can’t make em’ drink. My role is being a friend and being there when asked. That’s their own journey. I couldn’t rob them of that life experience of free will. That’s my same approach when I do readings.

In the book I’m reading “With Folded Wings” it talks about a child and how they’re playing with a puzzle and putting the circle in the triangle input. There’s no point in telling the child the right way to do it before they even try. They won’t truly understand until they use their own intuition. Sometimes they may get it right the first go around and sometimes they’ll have to learn from their mistakes.

Does that sound the same?

A friend of mine said to me, after I loaded off some things,

“The Yemane that earns the Nobel Prize is a completely different Yemane than the one right now”

I experienced a sorta reality freeze. She’s right.

The Yemane I am now has a lot of learn before she can be the Yemane who earned such an honor. I have to develop those moments that will turn the me now into that future me.

Have I confused you yet?

I think about the Yemane in that relationship and see the growth.

I see where I could have been better and I learn from it. When she said that, I realized you have to be in that moment to appreciate how far you’ve come. Things will play out for the greater good if you just let it flow.

So Misery and Company…

it’s the same

It’s okay to let misery love company, just don’t let it stay too long.

Be in-tune with you heart and the truth will be revealed.

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