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“In any field, find the strangest thing and then explore it.

John Archibald Wheeler

My name is Yemane Arieon Williams, welcome to Cat In The Sync. I want you to think of this website as the inside of my mind. My goal is to explain the “why” behind a lot of the “what the fuck” moments in life by sharing my own experiences and how I got through them

Currently working on

The Death of Me: a book on spiritual transformation

At the height of the pandemic I was thrown into my own spiritual journey. A year long lesson of undoing my codependency issues, learning about chakras and spiritual beings that brought me to an understanding that I was never alone. It was full of learning the deep parts of myself in more ways than one. It was a year filled with tears of joy and pain, both adding to the experience of growth.

Growth is not something that is linear, it has a bunch of twist and turns that are placed in our path for a reason. I went though many ego death experiences that showed me nothing but the truth.

I wanted to take that truth and share it with the world,

“The Death of Me” is an all access peek inside my journal. Inside the moments that made me cry, made me want to punch a wall or sometimes hug a tree.

“The Death of Me” is the timeline of how I became the confident person I am today.

Check it out!

Experiences & Lessons

Through my exploration of meditation, spirituality and psychedelics, I’ve become more knowledgeable on topics such as Spirituality, Energy & Consciousness.

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Here are some spiritual goods and services that aided me on my journey, may they help you channel your inner self as well

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