She Believed She Could So She Did

But She Didn’t Expect This

“Transitioning from one phase of life to another is sometimes scary–see the trees? They lose it all before blooming.”

I feel as though I have just lost everything, well everything in this material world. It’s like the universe just created an entire space for me to begin anew.

Once I started to follow astrological transits it made it a lot easier to handle the things going on in my life. By understanding the energy of the planets and how they have an effect on me I was actually able to pinpoint external things in my reality to use in my favor. I could then use that information to work in my favor by moving hand and hand with the universe to create.

It was like a cheat code to the whole “seeing is believing”.

This past week Scorpio season screamed transformation by having me get kicked out of my apartment. Well I am the reason not the universe, I let a family member stay who wasn’t on the lease and the company was not having it at all. The way it all happened seemed as though it was a predestined situation. I commended myself for staying calm throughout the entire process.

I am staying at a friend’s house non the couch because my entire family is allergic to my cat…the things we do for our fur babies. I really will be taking this time to build a solid foundation for being a content creator and doing social media managing and marketing.

I like to think the Universe gives you about three times to get with the program before it rocks your shit. Each time applying more pressure, that’s what this is. A much needed tower moment that has forced me to look at the reality of the situation.

This is the Universe saying, “Oh, you really want this? Then show us. Show us that you can do it without anything and we’ll show you miracles.”

That seems messed up right? I said three times remember, I’ve known this is what I wanted to do why wasn’t I wholeheartedly going at it? I think this is my number three, I have lost everything in order for me to truly see the value in myself and go for what I know is already mine.

I definitely believed I could, I just didn’t think it would be like this. But that’s the trick, realize exception on how it going to happen.

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