High How The Hell Are Ya? Update Post!

Uhhhhhhh…..where do I even start?

Life has been a series of twist and turns and I am keeping us with it but wow I could say it’s exhausting. Sometimes you wanna just scream into the void “LEAVE ME ALONE”

I don’t want you thinking I can’t handle it, I can! You see it’s just nobody tells you when you get on this journey there is no stopping. Once you’re on it you’re on it and you’re moving forward and the universe is going to make sure you continue to move forwards. It’s like, there is seriously no going back because the past is just that…the past.

I have to be honest, I’m high. I am just talking to talk I guess.

I called out to myself I said “Self!” and my self said “Yes?” I said “Self, ain’t it bout time we updated the blog? Ain’t it bout time we start telling folks what’s been happening?”

Hermit mode is over and now I can shine bright as that’s my newest foundation. Just caring for me and showing up as me, no matter how bright I am. I started calling this phase of my life Season 2, now I need to learn the next parts of life to integrate this new transformation.

I guess its time to read more books, studying science and do shrooms 😉

Hahahah here we go!

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