The Solar Plexus Chakra or Manipura in Sanskrit

This week’s chakra video I took a more artistic approach, I left out some information that I spent a while researching on and thought a blog post was the best place to put it. 

Purpose: Self Worth

In control of the self brings understanding to what we cannot control in others.

To understand is to remember for another lifetime.  

Location: Below the Navel/Gut/Lower Back

Mantra: RAM

Essential Oils: Lavend9er, Rosemary 

Symbol: Lotus Flower (roots & blossom)

Crystals: Citrine, Topaz, Gold, Tiger’s Eye, Pyrite, Carnelian, Amber

Planets: Sun, Jupiter, Mercury, Mars

Chakracise (chakra exercise): Hula Hoops 


“I breathe into fear to overcome it”

Mudra Practice – Hand Gestures Matched with Intentional Energy

Remember Mudras are like “seals” “symbols” or simply “gestures” that we can invoke by expanding our breath, consciousness and energy systems.

The three mudras are as follows




We express emotion and story through mudras. Think about “prayer” bringing your hands together. Hand gestures get our body ready for the energy we are preparing our body to receive. 

The YouTube video on the solar plexus chakra will show you exactly what the hand gestures look like if you want more information on how to use Mudras check that out on Youtube after the 11th of September

Elemental Work

The Solar Plexus chakra is related with the element of fire. The light that ignites within us, confidence, self discipline, intellect our will power is the fire that acts as the fuel for this character we are playing in this lifetime. 

Manipura IS your power, your power to will anything into your life when it is aligned. This chakra hold the energy of being responsible for your own life and what unfolds. 

Manipura is self assurance, independence, is is having a clear direction even if you don’t know the full story. It is trust, trust in the self. It is a balance and showcase of energy. 


Life is meant to be lived with an abundance like mindset, even in sadness we have abundance in being able to feel that very emotion. It must not stay for long because how can we have an abundance like mindset when we stay in one emotion, if we never give our soul the chance to grow into what the solar plexus has for us. 

Believing that things aren’t going right, that you’re struggling will see no end is not the way to go. Sure you can feel that way but don’t get stuck. The universe is like magnet, cultivating energy we give off and our main energy centers (chakras) play one of the biggest roles in deciding the frequency of that energy that manifest its way into our material reality. 

Neurolinguistic Programming and The Chakras

This type of work is a sort of pseudoscience approach to communication, personal development and psychotherapy. 

The model above is by Robert Dilts, it talks about how creating change first starts within us and its broken down into six themes. 

Purpose, Identity, Values & Beliefs, Capabilities, Behaviors and Environment 

I would love to go more in depth but this is content that will be on a new creator platform I have been preparing for! 

Stay tuned! See You all soon! 

xoxo Yemane. 

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