Sacred Geometry and Platonic Solids

There are four material manifestations in our obstructed world known as the “four elements”. 





Each element is represented by a symbol. 

A triangle pointing up for fire.

A triangle pointing up with a horizontal line through it for air. 

An upside down triangle with a horizontal line through it for earth. (Sometimes this can be a square as well representing the material world) 

And an upside down triangle for water. 

These elements set the premises for what we got going on in this material world. 

Additionally, there is another element we can call the Aether which is also represented by a symbol however the aether essentially is everything in the cosmos, everything unobstructed. This unobstructed universe operates in the true aspects of how the world works however for this blog post I won’t get into it. 

To look up Sacred Geometry you get the definition that Sacred geometry is all about symbolic and sacred meanings to certain geometric shapes and certain geometric proportions. It is associated with the belief that a god is the geometer of the world. 

Take God however you’d like, consciousness as a whole is what I like to think of God as. The supreme. The creator. Remember it’s all essentially the same. 

See when it comes to the universe we know that it’s all very uniform. We know the universe is like one big ol’ math equation. Everything and everyone playing it’s part for the objective of evolution. 

Sacred geometry appears throughout nature. It’s in crystals, it’s in the human DNA it’s everywhere. This peaks the question, “How do the parts relate to each other? How are we all connected? What is the bigger picture?” 

One of the most popular sacred geometry shapes is the “flower of life” the template from which all life comes from. ALL life. Including the lower degrees of consciousness that create the material world like (metal, wood, plastic etc.) these are all aspects of consciousness as individual manifestations meant to aid and assist us in the collective objective of evolving as on collective consciousness. 

Today we are hear to speak about the the platonic elements. 

In a three dimensional space, the material world—the obstructed universe…we describe a platonic solid as A convex polyhedron. Which is the convex hull of finitely many points. There is something called “Euler Characteristics which gives a formula for these shapes that explain their properties. 

X = V – E + F 

Vertices, edges and faces. 

Now the reason why we’re here is because of everything in the material world is made from these elements in some way shape or form then we should have some of this in our body somewhere. Somewhere there is a sequence that allows us to materialize a body to act as a vessel for our piece of consciousness that got a chance to individualize in this certain lifetime. 

Stay with me here, in the body, specifically the brain there are things called microtubules . 

Now I just have barely scratched the surface in understanding these but I felt okay enough to just throw it out for anyone to read even if it’s not the end all be all in the theory. 

I believe there are B lattice and A lattice and the A lattice is symmetrical, like the Fibonacci sequence. 

The B lattice would be transporting substances around the cell—I believe 😉 

Now where I was going with this is that perhaps somewhere in here may lie the answer to explaining the pattern within our body. 

I guess what I’m saying is if there is a pattern that we all know to be true in nature and if all of nature is made of the same Platonic solids, and sacred geometry then this should be our hint into understanding how e are all connected. 

If we can find some type of pattern that matches with the outside material world then maybe we can explain all matter. Matter is the reason we have the obstructed universe; without it we would be operating in Orthos. 

Orthos is a plane of existence unobstructed. We can’t measure it because it’s not at our level of awareness—yet. 

It’s like with quantum physics, when you measure something the probability wave collapse and it becomes something definite in a material world…simply because we measured it. So there has to be something to explain the connected pattern of all matter in the universe. Could sacred geometry be it? 

If we can understand the material world first and how it was created then we can dig into consciousness. How can we dig into what consciousness is before we even undertake the vessel we embody? 

Just spitballing, perhaps I’ll clean this up in a couple days after vacation. 

The above photo is from famous philosopher Plato, I will be reading some of his dialouge when I get back from vacation to help me in better understanding the elements and how the world was created including the creation of the soul.  

Stay Tuned and thanks for reading. 

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