The Unobstructed Universe

Been a while crocodile!

I didn’t know what I was going to write about today so I figured I’d start with a part of the book that I’ve been reading. If you’ve seen my (pun intended)!

Stewart Edward White is the author of this book and probably now my new favorite author. He and his late wife are an inspiration. His wife was a physic and they wrote four books together about their journeys into the unknown world (the spiritual realm). Up until the third book their identities were concealed, they created characters so the story seemed to be fiction. In the fourth book “Across the Unknown” they reveal that the character who was in contact with all things in the ether was actually his wife. They called spirits or angels “The Invisibles” this was back in the 1940s when they really didn’t know too much about metaphysical things.

I won’t go too much into the background of the author for tonight’s post because I wanna talk about one thing I read.

“What they all—all people—need is a new presentation of the truth in the light of their own times and the terms of their own knowledge; so that each may seek truth’s comfort for himself, and find it–if he will.”

This was channeled through a woman named Joan. The consciousness that relayed this thought was from a woman named Elizabeth Calver Grant White…the wife of the author of this book. The wife that passed away.

How was he still able to communicate with his wife?

When Elizabeth was alive she practiced the craft of all things metaphysical. She would go into mediative states and travel the unknown and describe these things to her husband. They then began to write books about the practical aspects of the philosophy received psychically through Elizabeth from “the other side”.

When his wife passed away he knew she wasn’t really dead. No one really dies and Elizabeth proved this.

The quote from the book I gave is only a little bit of the late Elizabeth’s truths from the other side.

What her and her husband did back in the 40s is what I do now. Sharing truths from our experiencing in hopes of transcending subjective opinion and discovering a true mirror of nature that exhibits the essence of reality.

After I read that quote I thought, hmmm this is true. I feel like that is why religion doesn’t have that strong of a hold on us because it’s someone else’s words, someone else’s experience that is supposed to get us to understand how the world works, how to live life.

I just came back from a week long vacation and feel new. I feel inspired. I am motivated. I am applying pressure just as Elizabeth and Steward did. The past month I haven’t been taking myself and spirituality seriously because of my actual job. I let a job get in the way of my purpose in life.

I was put on this earth to lead by example and that’s exactly what I’ll do. One of my favorite spiritualist tweeted

“You are just getting started. There’s more you’ll uncover, more you’ll experience, more you’ll gain. So, keep the path”

That’s just what I’ll do. My grandpa who is a pastor told me last year I would be a prophet one day. I didn’t understand him until very recently. I may not be the prophet he thought, speaking the word of God but I do speak the word of the universe. The words of truth.

I am living my truth wholeheartedly in hopes that you will too. I am sharing my experiences to show you that its not all bible stories and church. Or clearing your mind under a tree in India or something. I am a modern day Buddha maybe? Modern day Jesus?

When I was on shrooms and having a conversation telepathically with my spirit team I was told that before I came to earth I set out to “be one of the greats”.

I want my fucking name and face in a history book or like a philosophy book.

I want to share this truth as much as I can! Will you help me!

The world WILL know my name.


Keep your eye out on this website this week! I will be releasing a new product! Essentially its a bundle, almost like a spiritual starter pack. Not that you need anything to start your journey but Ive noticed people purchase a reading, a wand, and the spiritual herbs at different times. I wanted to create a customized box that you would receive in the mail that has a wax sealed envelope with a written out reading of your choice, a wand designated for you, a customized sigil and a pouch of herbs for your spiritual cleansing showers. An all in one package! The box will be wooden and will have your name wood burned on the top!

I am so excited to share this with you! Ive been working so hard for you all!

Thank you for your support and I love you! Talk to you soon!


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2 thoughts on “The Unobstructed Universe

  1. Lydia says:

    The world will know your name. I can feel it already.
    Your inspirational

  2. Daniel Lyons. says:

    Oh fucking dear.. how enlightened you actually are yet encapsulated in your ego still (your mind).

    Separate Vs infinity.. quantity Vs quality.. fear Vs love. This is the truth.. the mind, ego constructs, etc are how consciousness presents into the quantitative realm. Consciousness, itself, is infinite.. there is no number, no scale to it.. no quantity. You will not ever find it by smashing sub atomic particles together at higher and higher forces.. never. It is not quantitative is nature. It is qualitative (best word for it really.. there isn’t really any language for this concept.. it is too abstract.)

    So there we go.. I also know the truth in a modern day way and can.. and have explained it to many people.. some of whom were, at the time, blown away by this. A few of these people, one in particular consider.. at least as far as this idea.. the smartest person they have met. No shit. FYI I don’t consider myself that way. Smart yes, but this really has nothing to do with the typical presentation of intelligence.. IE quantitative.. and so on from there reductionism IE deductive reasoning etc.. this is entirely abstract.

    I do not want to be remembered. At all. I am only writing this.. to ask.. humbly.. and without attack or comparison in any way.. I only wrote the above to prove myself to you.. that we are both onto the same thing. So again, why do you still care about ego constructs whatsoever ? (To get through day to day life.. yes, absolutely). But beyond that.. especially when your body, your human form, this separate, walled in presentation of consciousness has ceased to exist.. which it will. Why do you care about your name being remembered? Surely, at best you would just want to spread this truth whilst you are alive and you are able to. If you present this information with arrogance, it won’t come across.. it won’t resonanate. Trust me, been there done that and grown much bigger (reduced really).

    Ego = Mind = Integrated human experience = Separation of things = Counting, number, scale = Fear

    God = Ego death = Oneness = Infinity = No beginning, no end, no time, no scale = Love

    Don’t forget to remember my name x


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