I have been talking about so many things and haven’t been able to sit down and organize any of it. Today I was going to talk about intention and energy and how we can manifest whatever the fuck we want in life by simply wanting it hard enough. But that’s what they all say right? Of course however I want to show you the “how”. I want to explain scientifically HOW THIS SHIT IS POSSIBLE. It really is too simple. If everything is energy, everythingggg in this world is energy then to create a certain type of energy you’ll need an activation type energy for anything “to be”.

The fuel to moving things in this life is intention.

Thoughts create your reality. Yes. Those thoughts are a form of energy called intention.

Ever wandered how Reiki works? How can people move energy? They set the intention to do so.

I was thinking about the sigils I create for people, whether it be one for the wood burned sigils on my website or the sigil that comes with the Selenite wand. I sit and spend energy creating things for someone with an intention backing my work. I infuse the product with a certain intention and have the customer do the same when they get it.

Basically because we set the intention it is what it is now. It’ll work because it was programmed to do exactly that. Energy is the currency. Intention setting is how you pay for shit.

Does this make any sense? (a YouTube video will better explain it)

That process is the same process for everything else. If you want to manifest something, if you want something in life you buy it with intention. Intention can be put into the words you speak, the actions you make, the thoughts you think.

Its taking the time to bring life into what you want.


When I make my YouTube video I will include examples of how I got here. Life has been kicking me in the ass but I’m slowly understanding what its teaching me.

If you didn’t understand this just wait for the Youtube baby. I promise i’ll make it make sense. I promise.

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