A Theory of Everything…

Some people call it the God Equation.

I feel when people see the word God they run for the hills even if it doesn’t mean the religious kind of God.

The idea of a God like equation is to explain exactly what goes on that makes our world do the things it does. Some people say that this equation must be simple and include the following things:

a) include general relativity

b) include the Standard Model and Quantum Theory

c) be finite ( without divergences or anomalies)

“How can we read the mind of God?” “Is it possible for a human at our level of intelligence to even comprehend?”

At first I thought that Schrodinger’s Equation would be promising but it is so complex. I mean I could totally learn it in its entirety but a theory of everything should not be that complicated. Have you seen that equation?

It looks a little something like that and sometimes it doesn’t look like that at all. I feel like with the universe running on all different types of energy and with us as the observer and creator the equation shouldn’t be too complex when you look at it.

My hypothesis from no deep thought would have it include about there different things:

Observer + Energy + Manipulation = Everything

I won’t go into too much detail, perhaps a YouTube video would do this subject justice….hmmm

a God equation would have to account for how our thoughts create our reality. A theory of everything would have to incorporate spirituality somehow, spirituality gives a look into the observers role when it comes to quantum physics.


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