Since The Big Leap

It’s been about a week and a half since I quit my cocktail job. There has been a recent light that has been lit under my ass to get to working for myself.

I watched this video recently called “How I Mindfully Quit My Job” by Hindzsight on YouTube. He talked about having one of three things when quitting a job; money, a support system or a skill to fall back on. I have a skill to fall back on and none of the others at the moment. That is what brought so much worry and fear that clouded my mind. He talked about how your mindset towards what you do is so very important. In the material world, you might not have anything and your back is against the wall but it forces you to constantly put yourself out there. So the world who you are. It’s a test to whether you truly believe in yourself or not.

That’s something I needed. I always had this idea of what I wanted to do but I wasn’t taking myself serious. I was procrastinating, I was getting burnt out easily. By leaving that sense of security that was my cocktail waitress job, I brought on the energy of determination. I always had it but now it’s what really drives me. Not just the idea of succeeding but the feeling of doing it and seeing it unfold in front of your eyes is what now catches my focus.

I am scared, I’ll admit that but I believe in myself just like many of you have told me many of times before. My circumstances now have forced me into this role and forced me to prove that this is who I say I am.

It’s exciting.

The name Yemane is Ethiopian and it means Faith. I used to wear a gold “Faith” necklace for 8 years before it broke. It reminded me of the faith that I always carried. The faith I was born with.

Since the big leap, I’ve developed a faith within myself that I can do anything I put my mind to.

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