Qualitative and Quantitative Consciousness

There is something I talk about called Qualitative and Quantitative Consciousness. Before we get into it let me explain both for you to understand where i’m going with this.

To begin I need you to understand that EVERYTHING in this world is consciousness, a type of consciousness.

Your computer is a type of consciousness, something does not have to be alive and breathing in order to be considered a type of consciousness. 

Quality consciousness is that aspect of consciousness resulting in species manifestation, as electricity, trees, fruit, man, or a crystal and so on. Quality C is in evolution and therefore in degrees, in this plane of existence the very aspect of something in this world, in this obstructed universe is given by its degree. 

Quantity of consciousness would be the development by the individual past its quality given in degrees. 

For example, we as humans have come as a qualitative consciousness in the degree of a human being. Our quality of consciousness cannot be changed but can evolve which would be the quantity consciousness.

Basically saying we can be better humans but cannot change the fact every that we are in fact human, just as a crystal can never change the fact that its a crystal neither can a dog or a computer or even the air. You cannot ever change the degree in which you came in this world when it comes to quality consciousness.

Perhaps you’ll see a video on this soon…

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