Words I Wrote While on a Plane in my Notes App

This post doesn’t really have a rhyme or reason I just wanted to share some thoughts I had while reading a book about psychedelics on an airplane. I’m not editing this to make sense i’m taking it out of my notes and onto here for you to read. Being as raw as possible. This is my thought process before making a Youtube Video or Tik Tok usually.

Disclaimer, I cannot and am not condoning the use of psychedelics for personal use outside of religious practice or research. These are my opinions I wish to share I am not responsible for what you choose to do after this information is presented to you.

Federal law currently classifies psychedelics as Schedule 1 drugs, which means they have high potential for abuse and no medicinal value. 

Interestingly enough after extensive research it had proven time and time again that it is non addictive, have been used for thousands of years, is effective for therapeutic use and is considered physiologically safe.   

Of course anyone with preexisting medical conditions should of course consult a doctor before using. 

*History behind the illegalization of plant medicine/psychedelics* 

(research when you get home about Nikon administration etc.) 

The benefits of plant medicine that each individual who partakes in something like this creates a pathway leading us to a unifying society. With each individual becoming more consciously aware of the hidden aspects of this world the more the government starts to loose its shit. 

If everyone was unified we would be unstoppable. We would be more creative, less stressed we would become a type community that mirrors a utopian society…maybe…idk.  

Not everyone is on board and that’s fine, not everyone will wake up in this lifetime to the wonders of the world. And that’s okay. 

I’m taking it as my job to be open and honest with how psychedelics has changed my life for the better. 

To begin I would like to start with our thoughts and how it is so important to not let them get cluttered. This of course brings me to mediation but let me explain what I mean by things getting cluttered. 

The word holotropic is all about the merging of a state of consciousness. Becoming whole. Unifying. 

Yes, this can be done through shrooms of course but mediation is the first place we begin to see this connection to the higher self. The self that acts as a judicial system for our thoughts; the self that knows better. The self that is essential the very essence of who we truly are. 

Meditation and yoga are already leading us to higher level of consciousness collectively. Adding things like psychedelics gets us there a little bit faster. 

The thing with our mind is we don’t know how to naturally filter out the nonsense when we have other things to do. By that I mean if something is bothering us in our mind we try our best whether we are aware of it or not to surpress those thoughts. These are the thoughts that keep us up at night.

Because things like feelings/emotions or thoughts just want to be seen for a bit they act as a dog who is yearning for attention when their owner comes home. Constantly bugging until you give it your time and once it’s given it usually fades away. 

A lot of people struggle with mediation and I’ve come to realize why now. There should be absolutely no expectations on how you should be doing it. With you thinking you have to do it one way already has placed a block on your path. You’ve now got this mental block telling you you’re wrong you’re no good, why even try. 

Let’s explain it like this. When I was a kid I used to try and stick my finger in the outlet plugs. To anyone with common sense/experience we know that it’s not safe for a child to do that. Telling a child they can’t put their finger in the outlet will most likely upset the kid. The kid is not aware of the full situation. They just got told no and are not understanding of why. So they fuss. They aren’t getting their way they probably are just frustrated. They would never react that way if they could grasp the concept of why that is a terrible thing to do. 

Now that I’ve laid this scene let’s go back to mediation, I believe when people first start mediation just like I did and thought it was all about quieting the mind. Thought it was all about peace and finding the white space within our mind. Don’t get me wrong it is but how will we ever reach that point of peace when we have a shit ton of junk mail to get through first? How can we hear our higher self or answers that mediation so often says it gives us when we are bombarded with the thoughts we constantly ignore throughout our everyday life.

Mediation takes practice because you need to empty out your unread mind “email” messages. 

Many people don’t understand the true concept of mediation so they get frustrated because they think it’s one way when it’s not. Those of you saying you can’t sit quietly or you have thoughts racing, LET THEM FUCKING RACE. Intrusive scary thoughts? LET THEM FUCKING RACE. Deep down you know it’s not you so how about let it be seen. Once you’re sitting there letting the thought cross your mind it’s like…okkkk now what? Because those aren’t even true they have no place to attach to. (in regards to intrusive thoughts) They will fizzle away. Maybe not the first time but after practice those thoughts will have been checked “read” in the email of your mind and you’ll have room to bring in other thoughts. 

Its been a couple of days sense I read this and I like it how it is. This is just a blog post not a big ol’ think piece. Stay tuned this week for a Youtube video tying this post into a lesson I learned while on shrooms. It’s no secret our brain functions differently while tripping and I want to explain it in a way that’s understandable. Ya feel me.

If you’ve made it this far, thank you for reading and thank you for your support! It means the world to me <3

See you next Sunday at 8pm!

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