2-3 Chakra Healing Card Pull

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Energy reading is by far one of the most fascinating things I have learned. When it comes to the chakras I have gained so much insight that I have noticed myself naturally an often giving advice on balancing the chakras.

The intention over this session is to get a couple cards that will give us a reading on what energy vortexes you need to work on that may be standing in the way of your growth. A couple pages typed with relating photos to add to the story and in helping you better grasp your energetic situation.

Advice includes things like affirmations, yoga poses, sacred geometry & color therapy tips that can be incorporated in your life when it comes to healing/balancing a certain chakra.

The beginning part of the reading involves me lighting a candle for you and creating a personalized “Help Wanted Ad” to connect with a specific group of  angelic beings as described in the book Angels Companions in Magick



Please watch email for reading scheduling.

Some readings are booked for a month out, please be patient I will always communicate with you. 

Readings will be sent as a PDF to the email provided at time of purchase.

2 reviews for 2-3 Chakra Healing Card Pull

  1. ella (verified owner)

    yemane, you did it again!

    this is not the first reading I have gotten from you and they are always so insightful and helpful. the time you take to put these together is clear and appreciated beyond words. your dedication to assisting us and teaching us so much has transformed my life and this chakra pull has only continued to assist me on my journey.

  2. Sarah (verified owner)

    I resonated so much with this reading and it timed with everything going on for me right now. Yemane guided me through the cards and initial energy,providing questions to ask myself, and different ways to incorporate spirituality in my everyday. When I first opened it I immediately saw the synchronicity that I have the same Mudra deck that she used, as well as the words radiating protection, truth, and comfort, before I even started reading it. I really like how she is clear on how she does readings and allows your energy around for a bit to see what’s up! Love how real and authentic it felt/was. 💜Super cool experience and only have had a few readings but most inspiring/guiding reading I’ve gotten. Even custom sigil, which has inspired me to start using them again. 💜💜yemane gives me true guru shaman vibes and inspires everyone to find their own inner guru:)) This reading overall was so helpful and I def recommend to anyone

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